For Him

The droplets,
Weave a story,
Of contentment,
My dreams,
Turn wild,
Whistling sound of,
Incessant downpour,
The bond,
Of continuity,
With the heavenly feelings,
It’s inherent love,
Towards ultimate power,
It’s all there —
For Him,
The beloved.


I Feel

You discovered my soul,

Got the vibes,

Of positivity,

Affection and trust,

While the breeze convey,

The love of nature around,

My beats sync,

With your thoughts,


I could feel,

The joy of being with you,

All the time,

Inside me,

You make me proud,

Of yourself and your affection,

The trust you bestowed,

The time you dedicate,

And everything which,

I owe due to you.

The Words


Beauty of words

Can’t be explained,

Not to be deciphered,

By the mind,

Expressed words,


One’s inner self,

They let you breath,

The tone of positivity,

By connecting with,

The precise choice and,

The pertinent words,

You need to feel,

The magic of words,

The twittering affections,

The revulsion it can form,

Or the miscommunication,

Which can devastate,

The splendor of relations,

It’s the empathy,

Which can endure,

The intensity and the passion…,

Psyche can never,

Because it’s the heart,

Which always defy logic,

Mind is ruthless !

What I feel

Whenever I see,

A beautiful mountain,

With a whirling path,

The zig-zag patterns,

Created by the nature,

An unending flow of water,

Of an ocean or a river,

The breezes of tall trees,

The softness of their music,

Of leaves and branches,

The fragrance of freshness,

I got intoxicated,

Drowns deep into the oblivion,

Whenever birds chirp,

And flowers bloom

With the colours of rainbow,

In the sky and on ground,

And I am there,

In the state of ecstacy !

Relationship…. A Broken One!

You have parted ways,
Deserted me,
Out of our so-called,
Beautiful relationship,
It’s hard to suffer,
Especially when,
One had given his best,
Nevertheless, I wish,
I could discover myself,
Instead of,
Finding faults,
In my beautiful relations,
Which are still treasured,
Deep in my heart,
‘Move on’ may be the word,
For someone,
‘Nostalgia’ is for me, though,
It’s about respect,
Trust and equality,
Which makes the relationship,
Or mar it,
The definitions though,
Are changing fast,
And love is losing,
Its purity,
It’s sanctity,
And the meaning,
Too fast !

–Raj Gopal Singh Verma